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Professional 3/12-channel Holter ECG monitors with free software

CardiUP!12 and its 3-channel only version CardiUP!3 record all-day ECG up to 7 days and provide a complex cardiac risk analysis.

CardiUP!12 & CardiUP!3 Holter ECG features

1. Stay connected up to 7 days
Don't miss a beat! Full disclosure Holter ECG monitoring from 24 to 168 hrs.

2. On screen electrode placement check
Real-time on-screen ECG display for accurate hookups.

3. 3/12 recording channels
While CardiUP!12 can be used on 3/12 channels for those, who prefers the classic resting ECG layout system, CardiUP!3 is available in a 3-channel version only.

4. Standard mini USB connection
No special cable is needed for communication.

5. Sensitive pacemaker beat detection

6. Manual programming option
The large LCD screen makes it possible to program the monitor manually by using the 3 menu operation buttons.

7. Multifunctional, hygienic carrying case
Multi-wearable, easy clean carrying case for patient comfort.

8. Powerful, free software
CardioVisions provides automatic beat-by-beat ECG, ST, PQ, QT and HRV analysis for free. The QRS detection algorithm of the software is 99.9% accurate according to AHA and MIT database.

Technical specifications

recording lenght
up to 168 hours
67*93*21 mm
LCD display
48*28 mm
92 g (w/o battery and ECG cable)
operating button
3 menu operation button, 1 event button
power supply
1 AA battery
sampling, A/D resolution
300, 600, 1200 Hz, 12 bit
pacemaker detection
integrated hardware
mini USB
number of channels
3 (7 leads)
3* or 12 (7* or 10 leads)
conformity certificate

Kit Content

1*Holter recorder, 1* AA battery, 1*easy-clean carrying case, 1*patient ECG cable set, 1* disposable ECG electrodes, 1* CD with the latest software & user docs, 1* mini USb cable, 1* black case.

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